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Impact plan for Lang Rotha

Lang Rotha (pregnant on right) was identified by our representative Muylen, (in the green top in the photo) in June 2021 as a person for whom a transformative intervention is required.

These photos were taken in June 2021. Lang Rotha now has a new baby boy, born July 2021, lives in a shack shown in the top photo, and she is unable to find work due to the collapse of the job market due to covid and subsequent restrictions.

Her husband is also unable to find work for the same reasons. Their child is born into extreme poverty and will experience immediate hardship and danger to life from the multiple consequences of absolute poverty.

What She Will Receive

The plan is to build her a new house, with proper sanitation, in the style sketched below. The houses are built from wood, on stilts, in order to not flood during rainy season.

In addition, to provide her and her husband with an ongoing means to support themselves. For example, this may be in the form of a chicken rearing enterprise, or some other small business they can run to provide income and position within the community.

In addition they will receive a monthly visit from our agent which will include the provision of food each month, as well as home necessities such as furniture, washing facilities, and basic medicines if required.

These visits will also be used to ensure the health and wellbeing of mother and baby, and to ensure the transformation plan is on track.

These modest interventions will provide the family with a completely different life and future to the one they currently experience and expect.


To build the new house will cost around $1500 and construction will take around 45 – 60 days.

The additional food and family support will cost around $1000 over the period of 12 months, with an initial requirement of around $300 for the small business set up to enable them to start earning an income.

Total costs are expected of $2500 / £2500

If you wish to support this life transformation please get in touch so we can answer any questions and begin the process for Lang Rotha and her small family. or use the contact form below.