Our vision and way

Imagine being able to reach across the World and transform lives for good…

Imagine being able to heal people and save them from a life of suffering…
Imagine being able to change the course of generations…
This is what we are building.
A new way. More efficient, more transparent, and more personal than anything before.
Whilst delivering food parcels to people in hard poverty we identify those for whom a life transformation is possible.
Be it medical care, a home, or provision of a self supporting business, our local agents know how to apply the transformation required.
1Yes is a business, connecting people with resources to people in dire need, and facilitating the transformation from poverty and hopeless suffering to healing and security. And doing it with the directness, efficiency and personal service you would expect from a company in the digital age of 2021.

Now anyone can be a hero, and save a life. All it takes is 1Yes.