Impact Plan 2

Her name is Lang Rotha


She’s 21 years old and pregnant. The shack she is standing in front of is her home. She  works as a dish washer in a small hotel and her husband is a daily wage labourer at the market. However, for the last year, and for the foreseeable future, she and her husband have no work due to Covid-19, which has greatly reduced tourism and employment opportunities.

8th June 2021

First meeting of Muylen and Lang Rotha.

Muylen is delivering food parcels to the village, supported through

8th June 2021

The food was delivered, and Muylen spoke with Lang Rotha and also the village chief, in pink in the photo. You can see the delivery logged on here.

It was determined that it was possible to transform her life, and the life of her family and baby, with a modest amount of funds.

Impact plan:

1./ Build a new house, especially vital as this shack will flood during the rainy season. Cost: £1500 including furnishings. See sketch and budget.

2./ Provide nutritious food, comfort items, blankets, and medicines for the remainder of her pregnancy and for her and the baby for 12 months. Includes monthly visit from support worker, who will at the same time bring a substantial food parcel. Cost: £1200

3./ Provide startup capital to enable her and her husband to have a business selling cakes or similar in the village market. This will enable them to be self sufficient. £300

Transformative impact: From a decrepit shack to a safe and comfortable home, with the security of a monthly welfare visit, including provision of substantial quantities of food, baby milk, and other necessities. Then gifted a small businesses enterprise that will enable them to have an income as well as an active role in the community. It will transform their lives, and the life of the baby, providing a totally different future to the bleak one otherwise born into.

Direct Impact Costs: £3000

Additional costs:

£1000 administration fee for UK. This includes operating costs for 1Yes including wages, legal fees, project management, and all other mandatory expenses.

£1000 administration fee for Cambodia. This includes administrative costs and wages for the 1-1 support worker and project manager who will manage and implement the impact plan.

Total costs: £5000

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Please use the form below to register an interest in making this transformation happen. We will respond within 24 hours and are happy to arrange a zoom meeting to discuss the process and answer any questions you have before you commit to anything or make any payment. This is a personal service, the saving of a life is a tremendous thing, and we do not apply any pressure to proceed. Let’s begin the conversation and see where we go.