Impact report 2

His name is Ma Serey

Background: August 2021

Whilst Muylen was attending to Savannaroth in hospital another candidate for life saving interventions was identified.

He is dying of diabetes, he needs his leg amputating, he is able to have state funded operation becaue he has a ‘poor card’ but he requires a blood transfusion before and after and that is not included in his cover.

He’s stopped eating and has given up. He’s a musician, songwriter, and has had no work for a long time since covid. He’s been trying to earn money as a cyclo driver, but it’s very hard. His family have been abandoned by their relatives, and they are homeless.

Funding is secured, from Brave Ministry, and the journey to healing begins…

Ma Serey is now healing well and we have bought a wheelchair for him. His recovery is ongoing, he has multiple health problems due to the diabetes, but he is now in safe hands, his family is looked after, they are fed, and supported. A room has been provided for them, for $40 a month, otherwise they are literally homeless and Muylen and Ma Sereys wife went shopping for cooking utensils and pots and pans. When you have nothing, things such as this mean everything.

To be continued…