Impact report 1

His name is Savannaroth Hong


He was badly injured in a car accident about 15 years ago. The accident broke one of his legs and also caused lasting brain damage and Savannaroth has some mental incapacity as a result of this. The surgeon put a steel plate in his face to help the bones knit.

At the beginning of 2021 he had a bike accident, and it’s caused an infection deep in his face, in the site of the previous damage. He now needs life saving surgery but he doesn’t have any money. In his own words he said he is ‘living and waiting to die’. He is hopeless in life. He said sorry to his mom as he can’t support her as he should. 

The growth is an infection deep in his face. Every day it was growing. He could no longer go to the market, or see anyone in the community. People were afraid to look at him. How long before it ruptured inside? Who knows. Not long. Soon the infection would pour into his blood and he would die. In July 2021 our representative Muylen was delivering food parcels in the village when she was introduced to him and his mother.

It was agreed he could be helped and funding secured. Here is the journey.

21st July 2021 6pm

First meeting of Savannaroth with his mother. The swelling is a deep and life threatening infection. It is causing him to be ostracised socially and he has no means to access medical attention and the required surgery. It is fatal condition unless treated.

July 30th 2021

Funding was provided by Brave Ministry, and Muylen arranges transport from the province to the capital, Phnom Penm. She books Savannaroth into the chosen hospital. His mother will stay with him during the procedure and recovery period. Like most countries, Cambodia does not have a free for all NHS. Relatives often stay with patients and assist in looking after them.

30th July 2021

Savannaroth with his mother wait for surgery. Muylen has brought food, water, and other necessary supplies.

30th July 2021

Being paying patients at the hospital means things move quickly. He’s being prepared for the surgery with a local anaethetic.

30th July 2021

The next time we see him he will have had the operation.

30th July 2021

The surgeon says about one kilo of pus and tissue was removed.

Savannaroth will now spend time recovering.

30th July 2021

Looks quite nice! Phnom Penh is a beautiful city, Cambodia is a beautiful country. The people are beautiful people.

Sometimes they just need a little help, as do we all, from time to time.

4th August 2021

Breakfast of rice and soup. Muylen has been making sure he gets the best food possible brought in from a local restaurant.

Important to help him heal, and make him feel well and to lift his spirits.

Muylen says he’s particularly fond of the beef noodles she’s been delivering to him. He doesn’t get to eat such good noodles in the province.

4th August 2021

His mother is enjoying the food as well, they’re both being supported, and how relieving for her, to know her son is now safe and looked after. Apparently she thinks Muylen is an angel.

She’s probably right about that.

The doctor says the infection had started to attack the bone in Savannaroths cheek and eye socket. The wound is cleaned every day and he in on antibiotic drip. He will stay for ten days in hospital. Just in time.

9th August 2021

I would like to send this an email to update from Sovannaroth Hong today.

I went to hospital and met with doctor this morning , He said, Sovannaroth Hong needs to surgery again and will do tomorrow morning at 9:00am.

The reason to surgery again because a wound is closed can’t clean and a pus still in there and it make him big face again.

He continues to staying at hospital an other 10 days to 14 days.

Please Keep pray for him,

Thank you for all your love and care ,


12th August 2021

Sovannaroth, he is much and much better today. The doctor go to visit him every mornings  before and after cleaning from nurse.

Due to Covid very high restriction at the province so that why he doesn’t return home because  difficult to find a nurse at province for cleaning a wound for him.  He staying at hospital currently  for only cleaning.


13th August 2021

Muylen visits Savannaroth and his mother in the hospital, everyone is feeling good and happy, Savanaroth is healing well now.

She phoned on Skype and everyone had a live chat, amazing to be able to do that, talking to each other, Muylen translating. Bird was just walking down the road in Sheffield as she called.

A combination of humanity and technology, connecting people to heal and save lives.

There’s also a video :)!

To watch the video please view on a large screen device. It may not be visible on some mobiles.

18th August 2021 GOOD NEWS!

Savannaroth has been discharged from hospital and taken home to his province in a taxi. His recovery is now well under way and he will receive a visit from Muylen in the next 14 days or so. Currently it’s difficult because covid lockdowns are preventing travel into and out of that province, except for the most urgent reasons. This does include food delivery, so Muylen will be taking him and his mother a nice substantial food parcel early in September. Also, Savannaroth has said he would like to have chickens as a business and job, so we will be providing him with about 100 of them! Exciting!

It’s less than one month since Muylen first met Savannaroth…. he was very sad, and slowly dying from the infection. Now he is healed, and back home, and soon will have a new job and new life and happy place in his community…

1Yes…to be continued…