How it works

Our representative in Cambodia is called Muylen, shown here delivering food parcels. She identifies people for whom a life transformation is possible.

Many people in Cambodia are in life threatening poverty. Their lives can be transformed or even saved relatively easily. This may be by providing life saving medical treatment, or other very practical and immediate aid that they desperately need but can never afford. Times are hard over there.

For each person who we are able to help, an impact plan is created, outlining the actions we will take, and approximate budget required.

When the funding is achieved we immediately begin the transformation or medical support, documenting every stage.

Things move very fast once funding is received, it really is just a matter of money. For people trying to earn $2 a day for rice, it’s totally impossible to purchase life saving medical care, or a home that isn’t a broken shack. The resources are there, but they can’t access them because they’re in total poverty.

Once we begin the intervention all the documentation is regularly uploaded onto the 1Yes platform in order to provide with donors with continuous feedback and progress.

The donors receive ongoing updates, and can even send messages of support, even have live video calls. They receive a certificate naming the person whose life they saved, and perhaps even a little picture book or other keep sake and can then repeat the process, building a portfolio of lives saved, a true legacy and heroic purpose.

If you’d like to fund the saving of someones life, in part or full, please contact us via the form below to begin the conversation.