save a life

These people are in rural Cambodia, and have been identified by our representative Muylen as being in great need. For each person a plan is in place to transform their lives, even save their lives. All we are waiting for is the funds.

His name is Savannaroth Hong

Now in progress.

He was badly injured in a car accident about 15 years ago. The doctor put a steel plate in his face to help the bones knit. About 7 months ago he had a bike accident, and it’s caused an infection deep in his face at the site of the previous damage. He needs life saving surgery but he doesn’t have any money. He said he is living and waiting to die. He is hopeless in life. He said sorry to his mom as he can’t support her as he should. The infection is eating his face from the inside. Or it was… see the impact.

Funding received from BRAVE MINISTRY

Her name is Lang Rotha

She’s 21 years old and pregnant. The shack she is standing in front of is her home. She  works as a dish washer and her husband is a daily wage labourer at the market. Currently, she and her husband have no work due to Covid-19.

Her name is Pin Dany

65-year-old living in Kompong Thom province, Cambodia. Her  husband is deaf. She doesn’t have a child. She is an irregular labourer. She picks vegetable (water lily, water spinach) at lake to sell at the market, and sometimes she washes clothes in the village. Her income in uncertain, 1.25$ per day or 2.5$ per day and sometimes she earns nothing, so then no food and sleep without eating.

Her name is Oeun Sokunthy

She is a 32 year old living in Kompong Thom province, Cambodia. She is a widow with two school age children. She lives under a tree. She hasn’t got a specific job. She just sells a few small groceries in front of the tree where she lives. The neighbours provide rice and food for her daily living.