Why save a life?

Does that need an answer? Because you can? I’ve always thought everyone would save a life, if they could. How many of us would walk past a drowning man and not reach down to rescue them? But what if that opportunity doesn’t present itself? What if all the drowning people are miles away from allContinue reading “Why save a life?”

Business policy 4. Being a business not a charity.

Here’s why. 1./ Personally, as an entrepreneur I understand a bit about businesses, how they operate, the legal and commercial structure, what’s required to start one, and run one. It’s within my realm of experience and modest ‘expertise’. 2./ It’s quick and easy to make decisions in a business, to move fast, to try newContinue reading “Business policy 4. Being a business not a charity.”


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Hi guys. We know what we are doing is a little unusual. Trying to save lives, as a business. These blog posts will explain our reasons, motivations, and policies. We know it’s a great responsibility, to save lives. We are doing it as best we can. Bird, Co Founder.

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