You’ll never forget you saved a life.

Here’s the big deal, and the difference between 1Yes and most charities. With 1Yes, it’s an individual person you are supporting and saving. It’s not a cause. It’s not a campaign. It’s not a project. It’s not a vision. It’s a person. A single person. “He who saves a single life saves the World entire.”Continue reading “You’ll never forget you saved a life.”

Business policy 4. Being a business not a charity.

Here’s why. 1./ Personally, as an entrepreneur I understand a bit about businesses, how they operate, the legal and commercial structure, what’s required to start one, and run one. It’s within my realm of experience and modest ‘expertise’. 2./ It’s quick and easy to make decisions in a business, to move fast, to try newContinue reading “Business policy 4. Being a business not a charity.”

Business policy 3. Making a profit.

This is an interesting one. 1Yes is a business, it may make a profit. What should 1Yes decide to do in that instance? My feeling, as co founder, and shareholder, is to pay dividends. Here’s why: Payment of dividends encourages investment which in turn leads to growth and scale which enables more lives to beContinue reading “Business policy 3. Making a profit.”

Business policy 2. Openly publish everything.

Why should we hide anything? Let’s do everything openly and in the light. This actually makes life easier, makes for a more efficient organisation, and builds honesty and transparency into every system and process. Publish everything openly. Publish wages openly. Publish what we do, every intervention, every impact, every photo of every life transformed, publishContinue reading “Business policy 2. Openly publish everything.”

Business policy 1. Pay everyone the same wage.

As a business, doing what we are doing, I’m looking to the future and thinking about how we can be totally fair, transparent, ethical, and life enhancing. I’m also aware we are a business, rather than a charity, and with that comes a whole load of preconceptions and misconceptions. So I’m going to address theseContinue reading “Business policy 1. Pay everyone the same wage.”