About 1Yes

My name’s Bird Lovegod and I co founded 1Yes.

For ten years or more I wanted to save a life.

I wanted to know if it was possible or if it was a random opportunity. Could it be conscious choice?

After I built and sold a media company, 2015 – 2018, I had a bit of spare cash, so I went to Cambodia in 2019 to see if it was possible to save a life. It was quite a journey, part of which included teaming up with Muylen Orng, at the time she was Executive Director of an NGO supporting prisoners and their families. I visited a prison in Phnom Penh with her, and later in the journey, together we did save a life, extraordinary as the circumstances were.

I was going to return in 2020 and do it again. Covid. So I developed EthicalMuch.com instead, and during lockdown purchased and delivered over 500 food aid parcels and other support in the UK.

In June 2021 Muylen established EMC, EthicalMuch Cambodia, as a full time role. She has access to huge numbers of people in dire poverty, and as well as providing food aid she is able to identify individuals for whom life transforming, or life saving, is required and achievable.

EthicalMuch Cambodia feeds them and provides other modest support.

1Yes can transform their lives entirely.

And that is why I founded it.

To see how many lives we can save together.

Sunday 25th July 2021.

My name’s Muylen Orng and I co founded 1Yes.

For here is my story.

Muylen will add her story here when she gets a few hours spare. She’s working hard.