We have to try

It comes down to that. We have to try.

I know I can save one life. I’ve done it, personally, I had to travel 21,000km and get fully involved but I know it because I did it, in 2019.

I now know we can save another life, because we’re doing it, and 1Yes initiated the process, and it’s happening. I didn’t have to leave my house to make it happen. The system is being created.

And now I know we can scale the system, save another life, and another and another. Lives without end, for there are so many.

And we have to try to scale the system into an enterprise that can save hundreds, thousands, as many as we can, in as many countries as we can. We have to try, even though it’s a huge calling, and a huge mission.

We have to try. Because now we know it is possible. So how can we ever say no?

Now we have to try. Because it is do able. And so we have to try. And say yes.

We have to try.

Published by Bird Lovegod

Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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