Why save a life?

Does that need an answer? Because you can?

I’ve always thought everyone would save a life, if they could. How many of us would walk past a drowning man and not reach down to rescue them? But what if that opportunity doesn’t present itself?

What if all the drowning people are miles away from all the people who want to rescue them?

What if the people who want to help, can’t, because they’re thousands of miles away, and their arms don’t reach that far?

What if there was trusted people, on the ground, in areas of dire poverty, and they had the ability to pull the people from the river, but not the means?

What if we could give people here in the UK the ability to connect with them, and thereby reach across the World and save a life?

What if the price of saving a life was just £2000. Some people spend 10 times that on a painting, or a handbag. Some people spend a thousand times that on a shiny stone. What if we could give them a choice, or enable them to buy both. What if you could save a life, every payday, or once a year, when you got your bonus?

What if you could collect lives saved, know their names, see their faces, and when you look in the mirror, you would see a hero looking back.

What if the competition wasn’t to save the most money, but to save the most lives?

What then?

Published by Bird Lovegod

Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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