Business policy 4. Being a business not a charity.

Here’s why.

1./ Personally, as an entrepreneur I understand a bit about businesses, how they operate, the legal and commercial structure, what’s required to start one, and run one. It’s within my realm of experience and modest ‘expertise’.

2./ It’s quick and easy to make decisions in a business, to move fast, to try new ideas, to test things to see if they work, to allow failure to be an option.

3./ It’s possible to raise funds as a business by selling shares, equity, and there’s a huge infrastructure to enable exactly that.

4./ I see almost zero advantage to being a charity. There’s tax advantages, but I believe in paying tax, so that’s unimportant.

5./ Looking around I see businesses have shaped our society and civilisation. It’s all businesses. And therefor to change society, and change the World, I see business as being the mechanism to do that. Businesses change the World. Charities tweak the edges and mop up some of the mess.

6./ One of the macro aims is to demonstrate that business can ‘do charity’ better than actual charities. It’s just provision of services. is a business, and provides better food parcels to its UK clients than any food bank. Hugely better.

7./ Business can do anything. We are just widening the scope of the anything to include work that has previously been actioned by charities.

8./ Businesses can be as, or more ethical, transparent, efficient, effective, than any charity, should they choose to be. A business is a blank canvas for the people to create upon.

9./ The old idea that businesses is ‘bad’ and charity is ‘good’ is obsolete and a misconception.

10./ I don’t want to ever speak ill of charities, or even compare against them. But I do intend to fully demonstrate a business that out performs them on every possible meaningful metric. And does it whilst making a profit, paying tax, and paying the same wage for everyone in the company. We make the rules. We can set a new standard, and enter a market worth billions with no competitor. And we can save lives at a scale never before actioned by a business, except perhaps Emalia.

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Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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