Business policy 3. Making a profit.

This is an interesting one. 1Yes is a business, it may make a profit. What should 1Yes decide to do in that instance?

My feeling, as co founder, and shareholder, is to pay dividends. Here’s why:

Payment of dividends encourages investment which in turn leads to growth and scale which enables more lives to be saved.

Having paid these dividends, the receivers of the money can choose what to do with it. This gives them the opportunity to buy more saved lives.

Being profitable means we pay tax. See Policy on Tax.

Being profitable demonstrates to other entrepreneurs and founders and investors that impact businesses are a good idea, just like any other business, they have financial and commercial value. The greatest success 1Yes could achieve would be to open the sector to other businesses. There’s an entire World of people in need, the market is vast and expanding. Bring competition please!

Profit is good, in good hands.

Alternatively, profit could just be spent directly on saving more lives, or developing and funding more platforms and companies to alleviate the disease of poverty. Jesus said the poor will always be with us. But also, so will those who care for the poor, they too, are always with us. So we must support them, as we would support doctors and nurses and medical professionals, to heal those in sickness of poverty, that they should not suffer and die from it.

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